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Founded in the middle of a crisis by a bunch of mates

Swiftly was built to help small businesses get online as quickly and easily as possible, in response to COVID-19 pandemic.

We’re not essential workers, and we’re not on the front lines of the health crisis - but we’re techies, and we can build stuff.

We decided to build Swiftly because we wanted to help small businesses get back on their feet after COVID-19.

The first version of Swiftly was built as part of a national innovation challenge (or "Hackathon") called "Hack the Crisis" in a single weekend.

The feedback we received from the people who tried it inspired us to improve the app, and share it with more companies.

Meet the team

Matt headshot

Matt Weston

Matt has a long history in IT, and has built systems for NZX50 companies, startups and everything in between.

He keeps the system up and running.

Walt headshot

Walter Lim

Walt has experience designing systems that help people and has spent time in both the startup & corporate space.

He’s responsible for platform UX.

Will headshot

Will Seagar

Will has experience with large systems that require a high level of attention to detail, and his technical skills are second to none.

He’s in charge of making sure that orders move through the system smoothly, and end up in your inbox on time.